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Birds Eye View

About the Renovation Project

The renovation plan, which must be approved by the County of Los Angeles, has been reviewed by residents over the years to help shape its evolution.

On April 27, 2021, E&S Ring Management had a video call with residents to present the current design plans. In this meeting, particular focus was placed on the public-access promenade plan and how it fits into the current overall renovation plan.

The renovation design plans will be presented to the Design Control Board on January 19, 2022 at 1:30 pm Pacific Time.

Key renderings from the proposed renovation design plans have been on display at Mariners Village’s Recreation Room (located inside the clubhouse) since October 29, 2021 — and will remain through January 24, 2022. Hours are from 9am-10pm each day.

Design plans:

Please keep in mind that the renovation project will take up to six years to complete and residents will continue to be updated on its progress here and by residents’ meetings which will be convened as needed as different topics and phases must be addressed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following the April 27 meeting, residents were asked to submit questions about the renovation plans by May 7, 2021. Following are answers to questions received by E&S Ring Management from. Given some questions were similar, we consolidated some of them to reduce redundancy.


Common Areas
Will there be a waterfront promenade?

Yes, the County of Los Angeles requires that the promenade be open to the public. In fact, Mariners Village is the last apartment complex to open to the promenade.

When will the promenade be open?

The promenade will be open after all of the construction along the waterfront is completed. We are estimating construction could take as much as six years from a start date in late 2022 to early 2023.

I’m concerned about the awnings in the proposed design plans, that winds and bird droppings may damage or discolor them.

We appreciate the comment and will take them into consideration in our design plans.

Can we add awnings to cover walkways and balconies from bird droppings?

We appreciate the question and will take it into consideration in our design plans.

What will be done to the Village?

Assuming our plan is approved, the interior space of the Village will be renovated to include upgrades to the leasing and management offices, including new light fixtures, door hardware, and flooring. Amenities for residents will include new fitness equipment, as well as upgrades to the business center, media center, and multi-purpose room. A central location/station containing high speed Internet service will also be provided. The Village swimming pool, spa, deck and fencing will be renovated.

Will ramp access to the village be added?

The preliminary plan is to add a ramp to the upper level of the Village. Note that the plan has not received final approval. The final design will be based on approval from the County of Los Angeles.

Will there be a re-configuration of the road network, specifically Captains Row, that will allow for better delivery and mail vehicle interim parking?

While there will not be any changes to the existing roads, we do recognize the shift in recent years regarding package and mail delivery. The flow of this service will be reviewed to increase efficiency.

Will there be additional parking?

The number of parking spots will remain the same. However, electric vehicle (EV) charging stations will be added to select parking spaces.

Will the streams and water features remain?

Yes. In addition, the existing water features will be renovated and upgraded to conserve water usage.

Will there be any changes to the sitting areas along the promenade?

Yes, the current view piers will be completely renovated, subject to appropriate approvals. While they are being renovated, they will not be open for use. The timing of their renovation is still to be determined.

Based on the design plans, everything seems manicured and fake looking, much like the rest of the new buildings look, there is no charm and no spirit, I really would love for MV to just stay the same, maintenance upkeep but don't take away the charm.

We understand that people appreciate the current design, features and amenities and will keep this input in mind regarding the new design. There are certain requirements of the Lease with the County of Los Angeles that require enough updating in materials, design and space utilization that keeping Mariners Village as it is now is not feasible. Also, to be competitive in the marketplace, Mariners Village must offer design, spaces, features and amenities that are in demand now and in the foreseeable future.

Will the laundry rooms be renovated?

Renovation to laundry facilities may be: (1) new washers and dryers in units; (2) new laundry rooms; and/or (3) a combination of both.

Will the "Resident Park" be available exclusively to Mariner's Village residents?

Yes, the residents park will be available exclusively for Mariners Village residents and their guests who are complying with the rules and regulations of Mariners Village.

What will happen to the tennis courts?

The renovation plan keeps two of the current four tennis courts. There has been a long-standing trend in apartment development and renovation to forego tennis courts all together because the sport is not as popular among apartment dwellers as in past decades. We chose to keep two courts but to use the other space for amenities that residents want to enjoy – such as a children’s outdoor play area and an outdoor fitness area. These new amenities can also be enjoyed by more people at one time than what is allowable on a tennis court.

The current tennis courts are busy or sometimes used by coaches, how can they be managed now?

There are high-traffic periods on some days with the tennis courts, but there are also times when the courts are open and available. We have instituted a reservation system to ensure the fair use of the tennis courts for all residents. Please see the following information on how tennis courts are to be used and the sign-up procedure to use them. The tennis courts are not to be used by coaches or trainers to instruct students. If you see this violation, please report it to the main office at or (310)821-4916.

• Amenities usage requirements: Excepts from the leasing agreement
• Tennis court sign-up: Register for Skedda, our online reservations system, to book appointments for using the tennis courts

Are car charging stations going to be available to any who want them?

We are currently working with Southern California Edison on feasibility. We favor charging stations and are hopeful we might be able to have them installed before the renovation if possible.

Will unit interiors be renovated?

All interior units will be eventually renovated.

What will be done to the interior of the apartments?

In general, each unit's kitchen and bathroom will be upgraded, and there will be some living area upgrades. Renovations will include:
(1) Kitchen: cabinetry, countertops, appliances such as stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door hardware, and flooring.
(2) Bathroom: cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door hardware, flooring, bathtub enclosures and mirrors.
(3) Living Area (living and dining room, den, all bedrooms): light fixtures, door hardware, window coverings, flooring, and high-speed Internet service.
(4) Safety Monitoring Devices: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and GFI-protected outlets.

Will the renovated units have air conditioning?

Putting in central air conditioning to an existing structure that has no AC infrastructure is complicated and sometimes not feasible. We are currently exploring it and don’t know the answer yet.

My understanding is, only a few apartments might get air conditioning. If true, why would energy efficient windows be needed?

It is a requirement of the lease that all units receive new windows – and it is standard practice to put in energy efficient windows. Once we know whether AC is feasible (see previous Q&A), we will re-evaluate the choice of windows and how to address issues you raise as needed.

The new design of the windows appear it will not increase air flow but reduce it. Any chance the windows can stay the same or be designed to open more than they currently do?

The final window and sliding door configurations have yet to be determined. We appreciate the suggestion to consider open windows if feasible.

Will the shutters remain?

The Lease with the County of Los Angeles requires window coverings to be replaced.

The energy efficient windows in the design plans look very darkly tinted. Will they distort or block out natural light, or are they only tinted during the day and then we get natural light at night?

The final window and sliding door styles have yet to be determined. We appreciate your point about maximizing sunlight and will take it under consideration.

What kind of window treatments will be used along the waterfront and inside the complex?

This has yet to be determined. When information is available, we will provide an update.

Will the renovated units have electric appliances instead of gas?

There have been several comments regarding the type of cooking appliances. We have not made a determination yet whether they will be gas or electric.

Will the fireplaces remain in the apartments?

If a unit currently has a fireplace, our goal will be to keep it. That said, we have not received final approval on our plans so it is possible that feature could change.

If fixtures in a unit are already new, will they stay?

The Lease with the County of Los Angeles requires that all appliances must be replaced.

Will there be improvements made for soundproofing the apartments?

We are committed to installing new windows and flooring which will help mitigate some noise and we continue to assess other measures to reduce noise.

Controlled Access
I am concerned about lack of privacy and noise as well as other common property renovations.

The County of Los Angeles requires that the promenade be open to the public. In fact, Mariners Village is the last apartment complex to open to the promenade. We are committed to installing new windows and flooring which will help mitigate some noise – and will assess other measures that could reduce noise. The urban forest will be preserved and will provide some level of sound buffer as well.

Will there be extra security?

It’s important to understand that, as outlined in the tenant lease, Mariners Village does not provide security and neither do most multi-family dwellings. Management will be working with LA County Sheriff’s Department during and after the renovation for increased presence as/when necessary. There will also be additional Mariners Village Courtesy Patrol during and after the renovation of the promenade.

What upgrades will be done to security, e.g., electric gates on and security cameras within garages?

As explained in the previous Q&A, Mariners Village does not provide security. The renovation plans include installation of electronic pedestrian and garage gates at all entrances, as well as surveillance cameras. In fact, the renovation plans expand surveillance cameras. Exact locations of cameras are still to be determined and will be finalized once the renovation design is approved by the County of Los Angeles.

Can motion sensor lights be added on the patios for the channel units?

The suggestion of motion lights is a good idea and if feasible will be implemented.

Will pool gates be installed for added security?

The current renovation plans include installation of gates at all garage entrances and pools.

Will the channel walk be closed late at night?

We have had preliminary discussions with the County of Los Angeles Beaches and Harbors who have jurisdiction of the channel walk. It is unlikely it will be closed given other county facilities, such as beaches, remain open.

How do you plan to keep channel walk passerby from hopping over that little 3-foot fence and using all of our amenities?

The three-foot fences are designed for specific individual patios. The six-foot fences are designed to be the barriers to Mariners Village at-large. People can only enter the property from the channel if they have a key or FOB.

I would request periodic "drive-throughs" on the Promenade by an easily identified LASD cruiser.

Management will be working with LA County Sheriff’s Department during and after the renovation for increased presence when and where necessary.

Perhaps the renovation can add a manned security 'shack' in the middle of the walkway as a deterrent?

Thank you for the suggestion, but we do not plan to have a manned station as described. Please see previous Q&As re our controlled access plan which includes electronic gates, surveillance cameras and courtesy patrols.

Will any concessions or compensations be made to channel-front residents during construction?

No determinations have been made regarding concessions during construction. Concessions may be considered at the time, but they are not mandatory and cannot be guaranteed. These decisions will be made during the actual renovation’s construction phase and will depend on a variety of market and construction conditions.

Ecological Impact
What will happen to the blue heron rookery?

The rookery will be preserved.

How many heron trees are there in the plan? Two have been empty this season. Hoping they are still included.

The herons may nest in any tree within the Village that they find to be suitable for nesting. There is no set number of heron trees in the plan and no trees within the plan are to be removed.

There were nests that were active last year but are not there this year

Mariners Village currently has both an arborist and an Ornithologist that monitor the urban forest and birds that inhabit it. No nests have been removed nor can they be removed, unless the tree posses a health and safety issue, the nest are protected per the Local Coastal Development Permit. It is not uncommon for colonial nesters to use and take nesting material from an old nest from the prior year to use in constructing new nests for the current year.

Rain barrels, grey water, other ideas can be helpful for the landscaping & trees. Have you explored these?

The renovation will deploy a range of energy efficient materials such as lighting and other components. Thank you for your thoughts on other suggestions, we will keep these under consideration.

Do any studies, models/data or documentation exist regarding the ecological impact of construction and after the renovation is completed? Could you please share those?

Preserving the urban forest will be a special focus. We will work in consultation with experts for proper care and treatment of wildlife and the trees before, during and the planning of the renovation.

I am concerned about wildlife habitat changes along the channel.

All current wildlife preservation efforts will remain intact, and we will work with the County of Los Angeles to mitigate any disruptions due to construction at the time.

How is tree removal being addressed during the renovation planning stage and moving forward?

When we must remove a tree or dispose of a fallen tree, we communicate with the County of Los Angeles Beaches and Harbors Department as is required by the Local Coastal Program. In addition, the County provides ongoing input to our tree management plans. These plans are developed with a panel of experts (arborists, biologists, etc.). The County has instructed us that tree removal should only occur when necessary for safety reasons, or as part of a plan approved by the Marina del Rey Design Control Board. If it is determined that replacement of trees is required, it will be done during the construction phase – which will follow the County-approved renovation plan.

Are there any trees you already know will be taken down?

We would only remove a tree if it poses a risk to public safety or impede functionality of the infrastructure. For example, if a tree must be removed because its roots are too close to a natural gas line and causing damage, leaning against a building or in imminent danger of falling.

There is a tree that was severely trimmed leaving one nest on a lone branch.

Mariners Village currently has both an arborist and an ornithologist that monitor the urban forest and birds that inhabit it. A pruning program is prepared every year specifying the pruning treatment for each of Mariners Village’s trees. The annual pruning plan is submitted to Beaches and Harbors for approval. All pruning is conducted under the direct supervision of the certified arborist. There was a reference to a specific tree being over trimmed leaving one nest in it. Note there are instances where a tree become unsafe such as this tree was. The certified arborist conducted a tree risk assessment of all the trees within Mariners Village earlier this year and determined that the tree was in imminent risk of failure potentially causing injury or death if the tree fell. Beaches and Harbors staff were immediately notified and met the arborist on site to examine the tree in question. Beaches and Harbors staff concurred that the tree was in imminent risk of failure and agreed with the plan to use hand tools to remove most of the tree during the nesting bird season. The tree was significantly trimmed to reduce the weight on the tree, thereby reducing the risk to public safety until it could be removed during regular pruning in the fall (non-nesting period). The branch with the inactive nest was left intact for exactly that reason.

When can residents and other interested parties participate in discussions about the wildlife and trees?

We appreciate residents’ interest in participating in discussions regarding wildlife and tree preservation/management. We will be working with The County of Los Angeles on this effort so please watch for more information on this website in the coming months.

Renovation Planning
Are you or is it the city who will be doing the channel walk renovation?

Mariner Village will be completing the promenade renovation. The County of Los Angeles must approve our design and construction plans to proceed.

When will the renovations begin?

Renovations will begin after an approximately two-year planning and permit approval process is completed. Renovations are tentatively expected to be begin in late 2022 or early 2023.

How long will the renovations take?

The renovation of Mariners Village is expected to take approximately six years once started.

Will scaffolding be used during the renovation?

Scaffolding will only be used in locations where trees are not impacted.

How long do you estimate an apartment unit renovation to be completed?

Once the renovations start, it will take approximately six years to complete. The unit interior renovations will be completed throughout the six years of renovation.

Will the renovation follow the same "phasing" scheme as originally presented, which would place the construction of the "Public Promenade" in the last phase? Or has the "phasing" plan been revised?

The general sequencing of renovations has not been determined. Concerning the promenade, our preliminary plan is to start on the promenade during the last third of the renovation. We will keep residents updated on construction plans and sequencing.

Will you be working on one building at a time?

The sequencing of renovations has not been determined. At the appropriate time the information will be communicated.

When the Promenade is being renovated, will we be able to enter and exit our apartments from our patios or will that access be closed to us?

The preliminary plan is for all residents with first-floor, ground-level patios to be able to exit the patios through a gate. Note that the plan has not received final approval by County of Los Angeles so these plans could change.

Resident Relocation
Will I be required to relocate during construction? If so, can you ensure comparable housing will be provided if relocation is required?

No resident will be required to permanently relocate during construction. Once the design is approved by the County of Los Angeles and we can begin the construction phase, we will work with residents on temporary relocation plans if/as needed.

Will Mariners Village pay to store our possessions when we are temporarily relocated for the renovations inside our apartments?

This has yet to be determined. At the appropriate time, the information will be communicated.

Once renovation is completed will we be required to sign a new lease or finish out the current lease with current rent rates?

The leasing process will remain the same. New leases will only be required once a current lease has expired. The determination regarding new leases is made at the time the current lease expires – whether that time period be in the near future or years into the future. Residents will be required to fulfill the terms of the current lease and may choose to sign a new lease or move depending on their personal preference.

If a unit next to mine is renovated on move-out, will my rent go up even if it’s not renovated?

According to current rent control laws, a current resident’s annual rent may not increase more than 5.5%.


Affordable Housing
Nobody told me that you will be offering low-income housing.

Mariners Village is required to provide affordable housing in our new Lease with the County of Los Angeles. Affordable housing will not be available for at least 2 years. If you are interested in affordable housing, please sign up here for updates.

Can you consider making the complex smoke free?

There have been several comments regarding smoking restrictions. There has been no decision concerning smoking restrictions at this time. We will keep it under consideration.

Have Additional Questions?

If your topic/question has not been answered in the FAQs above, please send us new questions here. We ask that new questions/topics be submitted by Wednesday, January 5, 2021.

We thank Mariners Village residents for participating in the meeting and providing questions.  We hope this information will be helpful in understanding the renovation plan overall and as it stands today – as well the fact that this process will continue to include resident input as we may our way to a final, executable renovation design plan.