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Birds Eye View


The FAQs are updated as of April 26, 2024 to reflect the state of the renovation and implementation plan today. 

Some questions were edited to reduce redundancy and for clarity. Please keep in mind that the renovation project will take up to five years to complete, and we will continue to update its progress here and through residents’ meetings, which will be convened as needed as different topics and phases must be addressed.

If you are a resident and have a specific question, issue or concern, please contact the Mariners Village Property Management Office at or (310)821-4916.

We thank Mariners Village residents for participating in the meeting and providing questions. We hope this information will be helpful in understanding the renovation plan overall and as it stands today – as well the fact that this process will continue to include resident input as we move towards a final, executable renovation plan.

Mariners Village Management

1. Renovation Planning

A. Scope of Work

1. Are you or the County doing the channel walk renovation?

Mariner Village will be completing the channel walk/promenade renovation. The County of Los Angeles must approve our design and construction plans to proceed.

2. Will there be a re-configuration of the road network, specifically Captains Row, that will allow for better delivery and mail vehicle interim parking?

While there will not be any changes to the existing roads, we do recognize the shift in recent years regarding package and mail delivery. The flow of this service will be reviewed to increase efficiency.

3. Are you changing the renovation’s scope from renovating units as they become vacant to stacking units?

For buildings 1A and 1B (14014 Northwest Passage, 14013 Captains Row, 14010 Captains Row, and 14013 Old Harbor Lane), our goal is to first renovate the vacant apartments as they become available through regular move-outs, then renovate occupied apartments one unit at a time. These specific buildings do not need to be completed in a stacking approach.

For all other buildings, the apartments must be renovated in stacks. (A stack is made up of units at the same location on the first, second, and third floor in a specific building, e.g., 2A101, 2A201 and 2A301). Stacking allows us to install the infrastructure connected in the common walls. Without access to the entire stack of apartments, we cannot connect the infrastructure systems to operate the new appliances within the apartment.

4. Often the fire alarm in the hallway is not heard in the apartments. Will that be upgraded?

The renovated buildings will have a new fire alarm system, which will have new alarm horns inside the apartment units that will be connected to the hallway alarm horns/strobes. All fire horns will sound in the entire building (inside and outside of the apartments) when the corridor fire alarm is pulled anywhere in that building. There are no plans currently to install fire sprinklers.

5. Will the outside stairs and elevator be renovated for optimal safety (specifically looking at 1A)? Have they been inspected and deemed safe?

All elevators were inspected by the CA Department of Industrial Relations in late 2023 and all permits are current and active. The temporary shoring at Building 1A was removed after repair work was completed.

6. Will unit interiors be renovated?

All interior units are in the plan to be renovated. Please refer to the Apartments section for details.

B. Renovation Timeline & Sequence

1. When will the renovations begin?

Renovations are currently planned to commence late 2023 or early 2024 based on the timing of final approvals.

2. How long will the renovations take?

We have developed a 5-year project plan for all building, apartment, and site work. We will have various elements of the renovation going on throughout the property during those 5 years, so it won’t be concentrated in one specific area.

3. What is the order of buildings being renovated? How long does it take to finish the renovation of a building?

We are working through the renovation schedules and timelines with our general contractor and will share more updates as they become available. Before we begin work on an apartment building, we will first hold a meeting with residents in that building to ensure there is ample notice for the residents to prepare. For in-unit work that requires temporary relocation, we will provide residents a 90-day notice before the renovation work commences.

4. Will you be working on one building at a time? What is the sequencing of buildings and units to be renovated?

Depending on the specific buildings and their renovation scope, multiple buildings may undergo renovation at the same time. As mentioned in the prior answer, once we have more details available regarding the renovation schedule, we will update the residents.

5. Will the renovation follow the same "phasing" scheme as originally presented, which would place the construction of the "Public Promenade" in the last phase? Or has the "phasing" plan been revised?

We are finalizing the details of our renovation plan and will share more information as it becomes available. Because of the vastness of Mariners Village, we are dividing the renovation project into phases, then further into sections.

Phase 1: Staging and Setup – Contractors will bring equipment, storage containers, fencing, and signage. This stage should have minimal impact on residents.

Phase 2: Infrastructure and site work – Contractors will set up the utility infrastructure outside, upgrading gas lines and electrical systems.

Phase 3: Exterior Work — Focusing on roofs, windows, stairwells and bridges.

Phase 4: Interior Work – walls, floors, kitchens, bathrooms, Wi-Fi system, appliances, and more.

With 981 apartments, we aim to disrupt as few residents as possible using a stacking approach. We’ll start two new stacks of apartments every week and progress building by building through the above phases.

After that, we’ll refresh the landscaping throughout the community. Throughout these phases, we’ll also be upgrading community amenities like the tennis court, barbecues, and a new dog park.

The Village’s renovation will be concurrent with the apartment buildings’ interior work. The channel/promenade will be renovated in the final phase of the renovation.

6. What is the start date planned for Buildings 1A and 1B?

Construction is a moving target, and our renovation schedule may change despite our best efforts. For Buildings 1A and 1B, we plan to start interior renovations in vacant apartments in early 2024 . Occupied apartment in 1A and 1B are not expected to begin unit interior renovations until 2025 or later.

7. How long do you estimate it will take for an apartment unit renovation to be completed?

For Buildings 1A and 1B, it will take less than 29 days to complete the interior upgrades. For Buildings 2 – 9, it will take approximately 29 days to complete the interior upgrades in each apartment .

Please refer to the Resident Impact section of the FAQs for more information on how we are accommodating residents during their apartment’s renovation.

8. When are you going to start with shrink wrapping Building 4A, the building that was damaged by a fire?

The shrink wrapping of the damaged area in Building 4A 4600 Via Marina is expected to be completed by mid-May 2024.

9. Why not start the building renovations with the building renovations in the building that had the fire?

Building (4A) 4600 Via Marina has a more extensive permit process that is still pending for the extra scopes necessary to rebuild the damaged area. We will be starting with the buildings that already have all the necessary permits for the renovation.

C. Parking

1. Will there be a reconfiguration of the road network, specifically Captains Row, that will allow for better delivery and mail vehicle interim parking?

While there will not be any changes to the existing roads, we do recognize the shift in recent years regarding package and mail delivery. The flow of this service will be reviewed to increase efficiency.

2. Will there be additional parking?

The number of parking spots will remain the same.

3. Why you are not using the parking garage where the new package room is rather than using our guest parking? Lots of empty space in there.

The primary reason we have not utilized the underground parking for the contractor is clearance. The exterior guest parking spaces allow for the contractor to store containers, equipment, and other materials that cannot be moved underground.  We contracted with Marina Harbor to utilize 24 parking spaces for the contractor vehicles rather than impact additional spaces at Mariners Village.

The parking spaces under 4600 Via Marina and 14020 Captains Row will ultimately need to be provided back to residents who will be residing in those buildings. This will need to happen in the near future, whereas the contractors will need space that can be available for approximately 5 years.

4. Can we use guest parking on weekends?

Contractors have set up these areas with storage containers, equipment, and materials that cannot be removed on a weekly basis. Therefore, unfortunately guest parking allocated for contractors cannot be used on weekends.

2. Construction Precautions
1. Will scaffolding be used during the renovation?

Scaffolding will only be used in locations where trees are not affected.

2. When the Promenade is being renovated, will we be able to enter and exit our apartments from our patios or will that access be closed to us?

The preliminary plan is for all residents with first-floor, ground-level patios to be able to exit the patios through a gate. Note that the plan has not received final approval by County of Los Angeles so these plans could change.

3. What specific covering and other protection is done in each hallway to avoid asbestos contamination during the hallway project?

Our acoustic ceiling materials in the common area hallways have undergone testing for asbestos by a DOSH-certified industrial hygienist. Protection measures are based on the requirements and recommendations of the report.

To ensure a clean environment during the removal process, we are implementing the following protection measures:

  • Requesting the residents stay out of the work area
  • Installing plastic containment on the floors and walls
  • Wetting down the acoustic materials prior to removal
  • Bagging the materials to haul away from the work area
  • Placement of a localized HEPA air scrubber within the contained section
  • Vacuuming and wiping down the work area
4. During hallway work, why are our hallway doors open all day even though the construction crew isn’t accessing the hallway regularly?

Contractors are accessing hallways from different entrance points with equipment and materials. They may enter one door and exit another depending on the need as they move throughout the hallways and work between various vacant units. Hallway doors should be closed by 5pm, if not please contact the Resident Services Office at 310-821-4916 or to close.

5. During the hallway project, I did not hear a HEPA air scrubber.

The surrounding work related to the acoustic ceiling removal and the cutting of the drywall can often be louder than the running of the localized HEPA machine.

6. What is being done about asbestos-containing materials?

Mariners Village has contracted with a DOSH-certified independent industrial hygienist who is testing various locations using the “point counting” method to determine the concentration of ACM/ACCM in materials throughout the property.  This work began before the renovation started and will continue while the project is underway.

If abatement is required in advance of general renovation construction, it will follow all required South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and California Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) standards.

7. Which agency standards are being followed during the asbestos removal process?

All required abatement will follow both South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) and California Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) standards.

8. Where can I get more information about asbestos testing at Mariners?

Testing reports are available for viewing at the Resident Services offices by appointment.

9. Is there anywhere on the property where there is more than 0.1% asbestos levels?

Yes, the asbestos levels on the property vary by location and type of material. When materials containing greater than 0.1% asbestos need to be disturbed, a DOSH certified asbestos abatement contractor will handle the process in accordance with SCAQMD and DOSH (Cal/OHSA) requirements.

3. Amenities

A. General Questions

1. Will there still be an indoor fully equipped gym?

Yes. The indoor gym located at The Village will be expanded with more space and equipment to be enjoyed.

2. Will ramp access to The Village be added?

Yes. The current approved plans will add a ramp to the upper level of The Village to make it accessible.

3. What changes will be made to The Village? What updates will be made to the amenities?

The planned renovation for The Village includes the following:

– A new ADA-compliant entry ramp leading into The Village
– Expansion of the fitness center, package lockers, and bathrooms
– New air conditioning in our main clubhouse
– New decking, railing, roofing, gutter/downspouts, siding, windows, doors, flooring, lighting, and signage
– Refurbished skylights
– Upgraded interior programming, which represents how the space and rooms within The Village will be used
– Consolidated office spaces to create more rooms available for resident amenities. For example, we will keep the cafe, but the space across from the cafe, which is currently our Resident Services Office, will be turned into a resident lounge.

4. Will the laundry rooms be renovated?

Laundry facilities in Buildings 1A and 1B will be renovated. Apartments in Buildings 2-9 will have in-unit washer/dryer, and the laundry facilities in those buildings will be repurposed.

5. Are all four exterior pools and two exterior spas going to remain?

Yes, all existing exterior pools and exterior spas will remain.

7. Will the "Resident Park" be available exclusively to Mariner's Village residents?

All outdoor amenities at Mariner’s Village (such as the proposed dog park) will remain exclusively available for our residents and their guests. The channel walk/promenade and the view piers are the only outdoor amenity areas that will be converted from private resident access to shared public access managed by The County of Los Angeles. (Please refer to page 21-25 of the resident meeting presentation.

8. What will happen to the tennis courts?

The renovation plan keeps two of the current four tennis courts. The remaining space on the sports court deck will be reprogrammed to include additional features for our residents to enjoy.

9. The current tennis courts are busy or sometimes used by coaches, how can they be managed now?

The tennis courts are not approved to be used by coaches or trainers to instruct students per our leasing agreement. If you see a violation of this policy, please report it to the main office at or (310)821-4916. There are high-traffic periods on some days with the tennis courts, but there are also times when the courts are open and available.

10. Will car charging stations be available to anyone who wants them?

We favor electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and will explore whether they can be installed.

B. Temporary Amenities During The Village Renovation

1. Are the pools getting redone?

The pools are expected to be refreshed as needed, one at a time, throughout the course of the renovation.

2. When can you reopen the main pool?

The anticipated duration of the Village closure is 8-10 months (Q2 2024-Q1 2025). As renovations in the Village progress, we can revisit whether the main pool can be safely reopened earlier than anticipated.

3. Can you make some of the gyms in other E&S Ring’s properties available?

Unfortunately, our other properties’ gym and amenities are unavailable for usage as their facilities cannot accommodate the increased occupancy.

4. How are you managing the impact of the loss of guest parking and amenities?

The guest parking was reduced to accommodate the contractor’s presence, though, we are still working to keep as much guest parking as possible throughout the renovation. We are averaging 40-50 guest parking spaces available for the residents while the contractors are onsite. We will continue to reevaluate the parking needs as the project progresses throughout the community.

It is necessary to temporarily close The Village fitness center so we can facilitate the renovation of a new expanded fitness center for our residents. We chose to expedite the renovations of The Village at the beginning of the project, because the sooner we started, the sooner our residents get to enjoy the enhancements and new spaces it will provide. To help residents through this transition, we have provided alternate options to The Village amenities, including a large outdoor fitness area on top of Tennis Court #3, resident lounges, food truck at Paradise Cove, etc.

Please visit The Village Renovation: Alternative Amenities to view the locations of the amenities and their available dates.

4. Apartments

A. Unit Amenities

1. Will the appliances be replaced or remain the same?

All renovated apartments will have new stainless-steel appliances.

2. What will be done to the interior of the apartments?

All units will receive the following renovations:

• Kitchen: cabinetry, quartz countertops, subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliances such as stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door hardware, paint and flooring.
• Bathroom: cabinetry, countertops, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, door hardware, flooring, paint, bathtub enclosures and mirrors.
• Living Area (living and dining room, den, all bedrooms): light fixtures, door hardware, window coverings, flooring, paint, and data telecommunication services for TV and high-speed Internet.
• Safety Monitoring Devices: smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire alarm horns, and GFI-protected outlets.
• Renovated apartments in buildings 2 – 9 will have in-unit washer and dryer and air conditioning.

3. Will units in the 1A & 1B be receiving W/D hookups in lieu of an actual washer dryer?

No, W/D hookups will not be available. Due to the economic conditions during our renovation planning, we made the difficult decision of forgoing in-unit washer & dryer for buildings 1A and 1B. Therefore, these two buildings will not receive the infrastructure upgrades required to support washer and dryers in any capacity.

4. Will the renovated units have air conditioning?

Mariners Village, through the ground lease, is required to install washers/dryers and HVACs in a minimum of 50% of the apartments. We are exceeding this requirement and providing these upgrades in buildings 2 – 9. Unfortunately, due to economic conditions, buildings 1A and 1B will not have washers/dryers and HVAC.

5. Will the outdated popcorn ceilings be removed?

All popcorn ceilings will be removed and refinished to be smooth as seen in the renovation model units.

6. My understanding is, only a few apartments might get air conditioning. If true, why would energy efficient windows be needed?

It is a requirement of the Lease with the County of Los Angeles that all units receive new windows. One of our goals for the renovation is that we maximize efficiency where feasible to reduce consumption of energy and to improve the overall comfort of the apartment homes. With the renovation, we will install new dual-pane windows that will help with heat insulation and noise reduction.

7. Are the renovations more or less cosmetic upgrades including new appliances? My kitchen has a counter/bar area which I love. Will my existing kitchen layout be the same? Are the granite countertops being replaced?

The exact layout of the kitchen will depend on which unit you live in. Certain floor plans, such as the renovation model unit, will have an open-concept layout. Others may retain their existing layout. All renovated apartments will have new cabinetry and quartz countertops.

8. Are you going to get rid of all the carpet and install vinyl or laminate, or something other than carpet? And is this also going to be included in the bedrooms?

The renovated units will have brand new flooring, including vinyl plank flooring in the living room, kitchen, dining room hallways, and bathrooms. We are currently exploring the carpeting for bedrooms and lofts.

9. If all units are getting hard flooring, what measures will be taken to keep the noise mitigated between floor levels?

We are exploring plank flooring materials which may help reduce the noise between floors.

10. Ceilings on the third floor. If I understood correctly, the ceilings will not be redone. Or will only the wooden ceilings be replaced/redone?

We won’t take away or encapsulate the wood beams in the third-floor apartments. Depending on when residents moved into their apartments, some third-floor ceilings are painted while others are not. With the renovation, the third-floor ceilings will have a uniform look, but the natural character of the wood beams will stay.

12. The new windows seem like they would reduce air flow. Any chance the windows can stay the same or be designed to open more than they currently do?

Replacement of the windows is a requirement of the land lease. The final window design is configured to meet desired air flow while staying compliant with all applicable building codes.

13. Will the shutters remain?

The Lease with the County of Los Angeles requires the window coverings to be replaced. Currently, we are required to replace all window coverings, which are likely going to be what’s shown in the renovation model.

14. The energy efficient windows in the design plans look darkly tinted. Will they distort or block out natural light or are they only tinted during the day and then we get natural light at night?

The design plans for the buildings that showcase the windows from the exterior are for conceptual purposes only. The design renderings may not be an exact depiction of how the window glass will look when it is installed. The new retrofit windows will allow natural sunlight into the unit interiors.

15. What kind of window treatments will be used along the waterfront and inside the complex?

Currently, the plan is for standard vertical blinds as shown in the renovation model.

16. Will the renovated units have electric appliances instead of gas?

We are evaluating installing electric stoves in all the renovated apartments and will provide you with updates as they become available.

17. Will there be overhead fans or light fixtures in the bedrooms or living rooms?

We are exploring lighting options and will share more updates as they become available.

18. Will any extra outlets be added?

Outlets will be installed to meet applicable LA County electrical code.

19. Will the fireplaces remain in the apartments?

If a unit currently has a fireplace, our goal is to keep it.

20. If fixtures in a unit are already new, will they stay?

The Lease with the County of Los Angeles requires that all appliances must be replaced.

B. Apartment Size

1. In addition to the material updates, will any layout changes be made to the kitchens in units?

The exact layout of the kitchen will depend on which unit you live in, which will require us to work within the constraints of the building’s infrastructure. Certain floor plans, such as the renovation model unit, will have an open-concept layout. Others may retain their existing layout.

2. Will our unit’s square footage change as a result of the renovation?

The square footage of the apartments will remain the same.

5. Resident Impact

A. Temporary Relocation

1. Will I be required to relocate during construction? If so, can you ensure comparable housing will be provided if relocation is required?

No resident will be required to permanently relocate during construction. Once we begin the construction phase, we will work with residents on temporary relocation plans within the community if/as needed. For most residents, it will require a one-time temporary relocation of 29 days or less.

The first step in this process will happen well in advance of the temporary relocation. The Resident Coordinator will be working to develop one-on-one communications with each resident. We will hold meetings with residents of each building to work through a plan that meets your needs and address any concerns so that the transfer can be on time with limited impact to you.

The second step is we’ll provide a temporary transfer on-site to one of our hospitality units. We will pay for a third-party moving company to move your belongings to a professional storage facility.

Upon completion of your apartment’s renovation, the third-party moving company will transport your belongings back into your newly renovated apartment.

In less than one month, you will be back in your fully renovated apartment home, with no change to your rent.

For residents in buildings 1A and 1B, the duration of the temporary relocation will be even shorter. Our Resident Coordinator will work with you individually regarding your temporary relocation.

2. Will you be renovating apartments that are occupied? If so, will you relocate tenants during the process?

Please refer to the previous Q&A.

If anyone does not want to relocate temporarily to the hospitality units on the property to facilitate the renovation of their apartment later in the renovation, as required by the ground lease with the County, we will come into the occupied units and perform renovations that can be reasonably accomplished.

3. Will the resident be responsible for moving all furniture out during the renovation process?

Because of the extent of the infrastructure work required and to ensure the safety of our residents, all residents must temporarily relocate to an on-site hospitality suite for 29 days or less during their apartment’s renovation. This will include moving all the furniture and personal items out of the apartment.

4. Do we pack everything from our apartments, bring it to the new apartment, and if we have precious things, can we take them over to the new place ourselves? Is someone there to help with the grunt work of moving, or do we set it up ourselves? How does moving our treasured items work?

We will provide residents with packing materials for their belongings, and we request that residents pack their own items. On the designated moving day, the movers will pick up the residents’ packed belongings and transport them to a professional storage facility.

For any precious items or items for personal needs, such as medication, we advise residents to move these items themselves.

5. When it comes to the movers, to what extent will things be handled and returned as they were? For example, I have a mounted TV, shelving, window treatments, and painted accent walls – all of which I had to pay for as I couldn’t do it alone. Will the reno movers be handling all this when they move us back in? Or will MV be covering the costs for us to have these things re-done ?

We will conduct pre-move inspections for each apartment with the third-party moving company. This will ensure that they have the proper tools and personnel to handle each apartment’s moving needs. It will also enable us to discuss your specific needs to see what can be accommodated and what cannot.

6. My king size bed would need to be taken apart to move and then put back together. Will the movers be prepared to handle this level of work?

We will conduct pre-move inspections for each apartment with the third-party moving company. This will ensure that they have the proper tools and personnel to handle each apartment’s moving needs. It will also enable us to discuss your specific needs so we can advise you on what we can do and what we cannot.

7. Will there also be any packing services provided?

We will be providing residents with packing materials. Given the short duration of the move, we believe it’s best for residents to pack their belongings so that residents can keep track of items that are valuable, essential, needed to be accessed quickly, etc.

8. I have physical limitations due to multiple sclerosis and I will need help with boxing and packing. Who will pay for this?

Mariners Village will cover standard charges pertaining to moving. Regarding your specific needs during the relocation, please schedule an appointment with the Resident Relations Manager at

9. Who will remove and replace my TV?

The contracted independent movers are able to handle minor requests such as dismounting and mounting TVs.

10. How much notice will we receive before we need to temporarily relocate to the hospitality suites?

Residents will receive a minimum of 90-day notice before they are scheduled to relocate to their hospitality suites.

We’re going to have a series of in-person residents meetings on a building-by-building basis to address residents’ specific questions. Once our renovation schedule is more fleshed out, we will update residents.

12. Do we have to empty drawers in the dressers?

To ensure the safety of your belongings, we request that all furniture’s drawers be emptied prior to the move.

B. Leasing

1. Will we be charged rent the month that we are being relocated?

Yes, residents are expected to continue paying their lease stipulated rent throughout the renovation process, including during the temporary relocation. For the month of renovation, you will be relocated at no cost to you into an equivalent apartment at Mariners Village.

2. Once renovation is completed, will we be required to sign a new lease or finish out the current lease with current rent rates?

With the renovation, the existing lease will still be in effect for every apartment. There won’t be any void, or any change, or any gap in your existing leases. You will temporarily move to the hospitality unit, but you’ll still be the leaseholder of your existing apartment.

3. After we move into a renovated unit, will we still be on a month-to-month lease, or will there be an option to go back to a year-long lease?

In general, in a rent-controlled apartment community, after the initial term of the lease, the lease term becomes month-to-month. Please refer to the rent control ordinance for the protections it offers.

5. If a unit next to mine is renovated on move-out, will my rent go up even if it’s not renovated?

A resident will not experience a rent increase due to their unit – or someone else’s unit – being renovated. Rent increases are governed by the Los Angeles County Rent Stabilization and Tenant Protections Ordinance (RSTPO). There will be no rent increases beyond those permitted by the ordinance.

6. Will my rent go up because of the renovation?

Your rent will not be affected due to the renovation. The rent control ordinance does not have requirements pertaining to when you moved in. All residents were eligible at the time the rent control ordinance began. Any rent increases will follow the rent control ordinance.

7. Will residents in buildings 1A and 1B receive rental concessions since we are not getting washer/dryer and AC?

There will not be any concessions for residents of 1A and 1B due to the renovation scope not including washer/dryer and AC.

8. Will we be compensated with reduced rent or at least no rent increases in exchange for the inconvenience and lack of amenities during the renovation?

No determinations have been made regarding concessions during construction. Concessions may be considered at the time, but they are not mandatory and cannot be guaranteed. Rent increases are governed by the Los Angeles County Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

9. Will any concessions or compensations be made to channel-front residents during construction?

No determinations have been made regarding concessions during construction. Concessions may be considered at the time, but they are not mandatory and cannot be guaranteed. These decisions will be made during the actual renovation’s construction phase and will depend on a variety of construction and market conditions.

C. Utilities Billing

1. What will be the impact to our utility bills for those that have to pay shared utilities? Given there’s likely increased electricity, water usage, etc. during this time, how will we be assessed and can you ensure our bills won’t increase?

The utility bills will continue to be assessed as indicated in your lease agreement.  Currently, some of the utilities at Mariners Village are on group billing, and we break it down by square footage and occupancy to bill an appropriate share for each apartment type.  The new systems installed during the renovation will improve efficiency and utility usage as the renovation progresses but we cannot guarantee that bills will not increase since the rates that are assessed by the individual utilities are not in our control.

2. Will Spectrum cable / internet be mandatory as it is now? Many people don't even use cable TV, so will we be able to choose our own internet provider and opt out of cable?

Yes, the digital services agreement will remain in place. There may be modifications to the specific services as those contracts renew over time.

6. Controlled Access
1. I am concerned about lack of privacy along the waterfront promenade.

The renovation will include a variation of new 3’-6’ tall fencing along the entire length of the channel walk/promenade that will have access-controlled gates at sidewalk paths leading to and from the promenade. The new fencing will delineate the private resident buildings from the planned, public-access promenade.

2. Will there be extra security?

It’s important to understand that, as outlined in the tenant lease, Mariners Village does not provide security and neither do most multi-family dwellings. We do however have contracted courtesy patrol to improve oversight of the community and to respond to incidents on the property. Management will be working with LA County Sheriff’s Department during and after the renovation for increased presence as/when necessary .

3. What upgrades will be done to security, e.g., electric gates and security cameras within garages?

As explained in the previous Q&A, Mariners Village does not provide security. We are looking into the feasibility of installing electronic garage gates and additional surveillance cameras. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

4. Safety on the boardwalk is not good now so how will it improve with your new plan to open to public? We currently have cars driving down the walkway! Management has been notified but no changes have happened.

Currently, the channel walk/promenade is occasionally used by Maintenance and vendors for work on the property. Once the channel walk/promenade is open to the public, it will be patrolled by the LA County Sheriff’s Office. If you see any concerning activity, please call them at (310) 482-6000.

5. Can motion sensor lights be added on the patios for the channel units?

Motion-sensor lights are a good suggestion that we will take into consideration.

6. Will pool gates be installed for added security?

The current renovation plan includes the installation of access-controlled gates at all pools.

7. Will the channel walk/promenade be closed late at night?

We have had preliminary discussions with the County of Los Angeles Beaches & Harbor, who have jurisdiction of the channel walk/promenade. It is unlikely it will be closed given other county facilities, such as beaches, remain open.

8. How do you plan to keep channel walk passerby from hopping over that little 3-foot fence and using all of our amenities?

The three-foot fences are designed for specific individual patios. The six-foot fences will have electronic access control gates and delineate the Mariners Village community from the channel walk/promenade. In addition, existing and upgraded Mariner’s Village amenities within the community will maintain or receive new access control systems during and after the renovation, such as the tennis courts and The Village, the dog park, etc. Courtesy patrol is on-site 24-hours and will continue to monitor the use of our community amenities. Courtesy patrol’s contact information is available in your resident materials.

9. Currently, LA City prohibits bicycles, electronic scooters, and the like along the public walkway that extends from Mariner’s Village to the ocean. Can we be assured that, like LA City, no such activities will be permitted along the new Mariner’s Village walkway?

The channel walk/promenade and its use will conform to what the County of Los Angeles permits at the time the renovation is complete which we estimate will be in five years from now.

10. I would request periodic "drive-throughs" on the Promenade by an easily identified LASD cruiser.

Management will be working with LA County Sheriff’s Department during and after the renovation for increased presence when and where necessary. However, Mariners Village cannot guarantee specific actions taken by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

11. Perhaps the renovation can add a manned security 'shack' in the middle of the walkway as a deterrent?

Thank you for the suggestion, but we will not be able to provide a manned station as described.

7. Design

A. Floor Plans

1. When will renovated floorplans be shared?

Renovated floorplans will be available to view by the end of Q2 2024.

B. Community

1. Will there be a waterfront promenade?

Yes, as part of the overall renovation, there will be a public promenade with viewing areas along the waterfront.

2. I’m concerned about the awnings in the proposed design plans, that winds and bird droppings may damage or discolor them.

The awnings and sail shades are fully engineered to handle wind loads. Bird droppings will dissipate when screens are rinsed off by Maintenance, when it rains, and when sun and other elements deteriorate them. Awnings will be replaced when needed .

3. Can we add awnings to cover walkways and balconies from bird droppings?

We appreciate the question and will take it into consideration in our design plans.

5. Will there be any changes to the sitting areas along the promenade?

Yes, the current view piers will be completely renovated, subject to appropriate approvals. While they are being renovated, they will not be open for use. The timing of their renovation, as part of the plan, is still to be determined .

6. What changes will be made to the building exteriors?

The Design Control board approved the following design suggestions residents made. We changed features such as new windows and doors which will go from single pane to dual pane, allowing for noise reduction, vertical balcony railings to maintain your views, and balcony dividers to separate your balcony from your neighbor’s, allowing for more privacy. The building exteriors will continue to be enhanced, just like Mariners Village, with roofing, siding, paint colors, lighting, and signage.

7. Based on the design plans, everything seems manicured and fake looking, much like the rest of the new buildings look, there is no charm and no spirit, I really would love for MV to just stay the same, maintenance upkeep but don't take away the charm.

We understand that people appreciate the current design, features and amenities and will keep this input in mind regarding the new design. There are certain requirements of the Lease with the County of Los Angeles that require enough updating in materials, design and space utilization that will allow Mariners Village to maintain its place in the community for decades to come.

8. Ecological Impact
1. What will happen to the blue heron rookery?

The rookery will be preserved.

2. How will the rookery be monitored and nests safeguarded?

Mariners currently has both an arborist and an ornithologist that monitor the urban forest and birds that inhabit it. No nests have been removed nor can they be removed, unless the tree poses a health and safety issue, as the nests are protected per the Local Coastal Development Permit. It is not uncommon for colonial nesters to use and take nesting material from an old nest from the prior year to use in constructing new nests for the current year.

3. How many heron trees are there in the plan? Two have been empty this season. Hoping they are still included.

The herons may nest in any tree within The Village that they find to be suitable for nesting. There is no set number of heron trees in the plan and no trees within the plan are to be removed.

4. How will the rookery be monitored and nests safeguarded?

Mariners currently has both an arborist and an ornithologist that monitor the urban forest and birds that inhabit it. No nests have been removed nor can they be removed, unless the tree poses a health and safety issue, as the nests are protected per the Local Coastal Development Permit. It is not uncommon for colonial nesters to use and take nesting material from an old nest from the prior year to use in constructing new nests.

5. Rain barrels, grey water, other ideas can be helpful for the landscaping and trees. Have you explored these?

The renovation will include a Low Impact Development (LID) plan including new Filterra catch basins as shown in our March 16, 2023 Design Control Board approval. Thank you for your thoughts and suggestions. We will keep these under consideration. All renovation activities follow LA County’s Building Code.

6. Do any studies, models/data or documentation exist regarding the ecological impact of construction and after the renovation is completed? Could you please share those?

Preserving the urban forest will be a special focus. We will work in consultation with experts for proper care and treatment of wildlife and the trees before and during the renovation.

7. I am concerned about wildlife habitat changes along the channel.

All current wildlife preservation efforts will remain intact, and we will work with the County of Los Angeles to mitigate any disruptions due to construction at the time.

8. How is tree removal being addressed during the renovation planning stage and moving forward?

When we must remove a tree or dispose of a fallen tree, we communicate with the County of Los Angeles Beaches & Harbors Department as is required by the Local Coastal Program. In addition, the County provides ongoing input to our tree management plans. These plans are developed with a panel of experts (arborists, biologists, etc.). The County has instructed us that tree removal should only occur when necessary for safety reasons, or as part of a plan approved by the Marina del Rey Design Control Board. If it is determined that replacement of trees is required, it will be done during the construction phase – which will follow the County-approved renovation plan.

9. Are there any trees you already know will be taken down?

We will only remove a tree if it poses a risk to public safety or impedes functionality of the infrastructure. For example, if a tree must be removed because its roots are too close to a natural gas line and causing damage, leaning against a building, or in imminent danger of falling.

10. There is a tree that was severely trimmed, leaving one nest on a lone branch.

Mariners Village currently has both an arborist and an ornithologist that monitor the urban forest and birds that inhabit it. A pruning program is prepared every year specifying the pruning treatment for each of Mariners Village’s trees. The annual pruning plan is submitted to Beaches & Harbors for approval. All pruning is conducted under the direct supervision of the certified arborist. There was a reference to a specific tree being over trimmed leaving one nest in it.

Note there are instances where a tree become unsafe such as this tree was. The certified arborist conducted a tree risk assessment of all the trees within Mariners Village earlier this year and determined that the tree was in imminent risk of failure potentially causing injury or death if the tree fell. Beaches & Harbors staff were immediately notified and met the arborist on site to examine the tree in question. Beaches & Harbors staff concurred that the tree was in imminent risk of failure and agreed with the plan to use hand tools to remove most of the tree during the nesting bird season. The tree was significantly trimmed to reduce the weight on the tree, thereby reducing the risk to public safety until it could be removed during regular pruning in the fall (non-nesting period). The branch with the inactive nest was left intact for exactly that reason.

11. When can residents and other interested parties participate in discussions about the wildlife and trees?

We appreciate residents’ interest in participating in discussions regarding wildlife and tree preservation/management. We are working with The County of Los Angeles on this effort.

12. Will Mariners Village hold more small meetings in partnership with tenants to address any design and operational issues?

We have gone through an extensive resident and public input process over many years which got us to the point of the Design Control Board’s final approval of the renovation plan. We anticipate the Design Control Board will continue to get public and residents’ input on the promenade and related security questions.


Affordable Housing
Nobody told me that you will be offering low-income housing.

Mariners Village is required to provide affordable housing in our new Lease with the County of Los Angeles. As apartments get renovated, 20% of the renovated apartments will be affordable housing units. If you are interested in affordable housing, please sign up here for updates.

Can you consider making the complex smoke free?

There have been several comments regarding smoking restrictions. There has been no decision concerning smoking restrictions at this time. We will keep it under consideration.

We thank Mariners Village residents for participating in the meeting and providing questions.  We hope this information will be helpful in understanding the renovation plan overall and as it stands today – as well the fact that this process will continue to include resident input as we may our way to a final, executable renovation design plan.